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Changing your life is just a phone call away!

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Is This You?

 Are you feeling out of balance in one or more areas of your life? What would your life be like if you were living the life you desire-Emotionally, Physically, Financially, in your Relationships and your Career?

Life coaching gives you the self empowerment skills using proven and effective tools, techniques and processes to create your best life. If you are feeling stuck or have been stuck for a long time, you can’t do it alone. Let me help you to get on track and stay on track so you can go from where you are, to where you want to be ——fast!

What is Life Coaching?

 Life Coaching is power in partnership. My intention as your life coach is to offer you the support that accelerates the process of change in any area of your life and to guide you to stay on track toward your desires and goals.

Together we will identify what your beliefs are, and which ones have the greatest effect. I offer you the tools, processes and proven methods to create your –‘Self Empowerment Tool Box'; available to you at all times.

You will move toward your desires by releasing the resistance that is blocking you through the use of these unique and effective approaches.

The structured approach of life coaching offers a refreshing break from some of the more invasive therapies.

The results will be the living of the life you desire! To change your life you have to be ready and willing to be committed and compliant.

Changing your life is just a phone call away! 631-258-7967

“Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.” Jim Rohn

Empowered Parent Coaching


Attention Parents!…Do you want to be the best parent you can be? Of course you do! But…did you attend ‘Parenting University’ to gain the skills you need to be your best parent? Of course you didn’t! You are doing the best you can, but traditional parenting styles don’t work in a rapidly changing world.

As a trainedlefkoeexist Parenting Coach, I am here to help you become an Empowered Parent!

Today’s parent needs a new set of skills to replace the ones that don’t work with the challenges you are facing now. Empowered Parent=Empowered child!

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 Join me on Coach Cafe’ Radio, now in our 5th year, each Monday @ 8pm and Friday @ 11am on Blog Talk Radio where we interview guest coaches, experts and authors on a wide variety of topics and subjects on how to live your best life.

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Download my ‘Balance Wheel’ coaching tool below. See how you score in all the key areas of life. Find out which ones need to be ‘aligned and inflated’ so you can ride smoothly through your life!

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The Universal Laws are affecting your life right now!

Listen, Learn and Apply the Universal Laws to live the life you want!

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law of attraction



Have you been trying to use the Law Of Attraction to manifest what you want, and

getting nowhere?

Are you tired, frustrated and ready to give up?