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Rebekah Kathleen completely embodies her role as a life coach. She has taken me from the depths of sadness and hopelessness to pure joy and success. And it all happened quickly as I started working with her. It has been the most effortless approach and she is so knowledgeable about how to guide me to see the world in its beauty and in its abundance. I have become aware of the role I play in my world and in my power. At times it has felt like I was meeting the Wise man (this time a very wise woman) and was given the seeds to happiness and fulfillment. I am so glad I chose to hire her as my coach and I am forever grateful as I never thought the changes that occurred in my life were possible and I am only beginning to learn all that I can create. She is a master with a wealth of wisdom, insight, intuition, generosity and kindness. Thank you Kathleen for having such an incredible impact on my life!” 

Rebekah Baker

 I have known Kathleen Martin for over 17 years and she has been a dear friend and colleague for all those years. Her devotion, dedication, and disciple to her coaching practice is her true passion.
She continuously strives to be and give her best in this field. Kathleen is a wonderful teacher, mentor, and student. She is always learning and studying to improve her skills.  If ever I need advice or feel stuck in an area of my life, the first I turn to is Kathleen.
I highly recommend Kathleen for life coaching and to really get to the core of any emotional blocks that a person might be experiencing.
Monica Bennett
theresa m Istarted Life Coaching with Kathleen several weeks ago and am so astounded at how much my life is transforming in such a short period of time.
I have awakened to an entirely new level of awareness and sensitivity to my thoughts, feelings and desires for life.
Kathleen has taught me to use that awareness as an opportunity to restructure my thought process, in order to create the life I truly desire to experience!
I find that the consistency of meeting with her several times a week, really keeps me on track, focused and in a much more positive state of being.
Kathleen provides you with an extensive amount of self empowerment tools to unitize throughout the process, to help keep you moving towards the fulfillment of your goals.
She is one of the most delightful, funny, empowering and inspiring people I know and I highly recommend her to anyone desiring to create the life of their dreams!”

Theresa  Messanowww.theresamessanomusic.net

Ihad life coaching with Kathleen Martin – it was awesome and inspiring…she reminded me (BECAUSE WE ALREADY “know” THINGS,) that in order to attract what we need, we have to change our perspective…raise our vibrational level…It is well worth your time and energy to “FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT”, NOT FOCUS ON WHAT WE DO NOT WANT…you absolutely can change your life, get rid of your old way of looking at things…she is with you on every phone call, and in between, with valid exercises for you to do…a life coach is there to gently remind you of who you really are, and to intensify your efforts to become all you can be…and her passion for what she does comes through, loud and clear…!

Sue Phillips


 Kathleen exemplifies the meaning of joy! Here positive energy radiates miles around her. Every time I met with her, or even correspond through email, I feel up lifted. She has helped me to understand and apply the universal principles that guide all our lives. I highly recommend anyone in need of a life coach (and we all need them) to seek Kathleen out. You will improve the results in all areas of your life. She is a master teacher!” –
Monica Bennett D.N., Owner, The Positive Mind
Hi Kathleen,

alison picture

I was just talking with a friend of mine, highly recommending you as a life coach. I feel incredibly blessed to have had the opportunity to work with you. Your seasoned advice on how to apply the Law of 

Attraction, the power of positive thoughts and on focusing on “what it is that you want, why you want it and how you’ll feel when you get it” kept me from straying into negativity and anger for too long. You have
so many tools and processes that flow from you without effort, I felt like a professional athlete being coached into the best game of my life. I still keep my notes from our sessions in my book of positive aspects journal. They continue to inspire me to this day. Thank you so much for living your life’s purpose and for helping me to move into mine.”

Peace and Blessings,

Alison Goggins



Jeannette Koczela

 Kathleen has a lot of experience and wisdom with the Law of Attraction and life coaching. She is very knowledgeable in helping her clients understand how to get their mind to work in their favor. In working with her, I received valuable and specific instructions for dealing with my issue that she presented in a very caring way. Her sensitivity towards my circumstances revealed how well she has refined her perception with regards to clients.” – Jeannette Koczela, founder of The International Association of Professional Life Coaches
 estraportraitHaving Kathleen as my coach has been an uplifting experience! I always end the calls feeling better than when I started. Kathleen’s insights andprocesses have been instrumental in helping me achieve clarity, appreciate what is working in my life and focus on where I want to go next. She gently leads me back to affirming the positive when I get off track. I have experienced many shifts in consciousness that are contributing to leading a more joyful and productive life.” Estra Roell, LOACC     America’s Life Purpose Coachwww.americaslifepurposecoach.com
I have learned in many poignant and positive ways from my coaching experience with Kathleen Martin. In particular I liked her explanation of rendezvousing with what I want and of asking yourself “what would I prefer and also the theme of ‘you’re all right, right now.” Beyond these benefits, I appreciate her spirit, her lovingness and her interest in helping me.”
Bob F.
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