The Law of Attraction

Understanding The Law of Attraction and More!

Only $9.99 for both the Audio and Bonus 
E-book  Instant download!
By Kathleen Martin, LOACC 
Certified Law of Attraction Life Coach


Understanding  all  the Universal Laws is the key to Self Empowerment!

This is the ‘Missing Education’!

 The Law of Attraction is not the only universal law that you need to know!

  Imagine…No more struggling trying to figure out why your life is, the way it is!

 Experience the clarity, confidence and power that comes from working with, and not against, the laws!

 Life stops being a mystery when you know all the Universal Laws!

Go from Powerless to Powerful in every area of your life using this simple and easy to understand guide!

Only $9.99 for both the Audio and Bonus PDF E-book  Instant download!
understanding the law of attraction



The Universal Laws are affecting your life right now!



Listen, Learn and Apply the Universal Laws to live the life you want!
Learn what you need to know about:

*The Law of Vibration
*The Law of Attraction
*The Law of Cause and Effect
*The Law of Resonance
*The Law of Growth
*The Law of Abundance
*The Law of Polarity
*The Law of Reciprocity


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